Claims Status

Up To Date Claims Status

Check here to get an update on the claims you assigned us.   Claims are updated daily.



QF6602- 12/11/2018  emailed desk adjuster estimate and photos.  Emailed estimate to owner.   12/10/2018 inspected insured vehicle.

QC0543- 12/11/2018 spoke with lienholder.   They agreed to release lien and request electronic title.   Should arrive in 2 weeks.   Advsed desk adjuster. 

QE6026- 12/11/2018 Emailed desk adjuster check request for vehicle settlement again.  Originally requested 11/29.

QF9748- 12/11/2018  Scheduled salvage pick up for Insured vehicle.  Emailed stock number to desk adjuster.

QF8881- 12/5/2018 Emailed report to desk adjuster.  Vehicle  is TL.  Called in valuation and arranged for transport of the vehicle to salvage vendor.

QF7618- 12/4/2018- Emailed report to desk adjuster.  Vehicle is TL.  Called in valuation and arranged for transport of vehicle to Salvage.

QF6397 - 12/3/2018 Emailed report to desk adjuster.  11/30/2018- inspected vehicle.  Transported vehicle to salvage vendor.  Closing file. 


QF7338 - 12/3/2018 Emailed report to  desk adjuster.  Closed file. 

QF0394 - 11/28/2018 Received title docs and forwarded to Salvage vendor.  Closing file.

QF4810- 11/28/2018 Inspected claimant vehicle.  Prepared report.  Emailed report to desk adjuster.

 QF6101 - 11/27/2018  - Scheduled pick usport of vehicle salvage.  Emailed desk adjuster stock number.

QF6433- Emailed report to desk adjuster.  Advised shop to begin repairs 11/26

QF5787- Emailed report to desk adjuster 11/23/2018.  Closed file.

QF6201- Emailed report to desk Adjuster 11/27/2018.  Closed file. 


 Z01462273 - 11/27/18 set appointment with vehicle owner for 10am 11/28.


Assured Perfomance - Campus Body Salon.  Assignment Completed 11/20/2018


* "I" denotes Insured vehicle on claim

* "C" denotes claimant vehicle on claim.